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Bulk edit the status on purchase properties

Hello, we have a lot of purchase records where we wish to bulk edit the status from new to completed. Is this possible or do it have to be done record by record?


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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Interesting I haven't tried it from the Flex1 interface before.  Typically for bulk updates like this I create a Business Adapter.  

From FlexeraOne or FNMS on-prem I can export a csv or xls file with the Purchase names and Status fields. Modify the Status fields from New to Completed, create the adapter in Business Adapter Studio and run a bulk update.  Using the Adapter studio will update the existing records and not apply duplicates.  

Still though let's see if anyone else has a suggestion using the UI

As far as I know, purchase records cannot be bulk-edited using the web UI.

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I was told by Flexera that if I use the purchase upload function (Data Collection/IT Assets Inventory Tasks/Data Imports) , using the Flexera template, it could not be edited to change from New to completed. We had to go to each record to make the change.