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Automating Extraction of ITAM Canned Reports, Details pages

In Flexera ITAM cloud, you cannot extract any of the pre-built reports or detail pages automatically via the API.

Does anyone have a workaround for automating extraction of these reports (e.g. "VMsInventoryGapsFromvCenters"), or any of the other pages/views (e.g. Unrecognized evidence) on a recurring basis?

I'm assuming the only way to really do this is with an extremely complicated process, e.g. using PowerAutomate (which is a nightmare with iFrames - which ITAM is loaded in an iFrame), or some sort of headless browser like Puppeteer, Playwright or Selenium.  These are quite the time sink to setup, and I am wondering if anyone's got a better way.


Thanks in advance!

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You may want to publish a link to the idea you created for this need here so that other forum members can vote on it?


Good Call @JohnSorensenDK 🙂


If anyone else has this issue - here's an idea I submitted suggesting to add more to the ITAM REST API to solve this issue...FNMS Cloud - Add Canned Reports to ITAM API | Ideas (

Please vote it up if it's useful to you as well. Thanks !