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Flexera has developed the attached list of Oracle SKUs to better accommodate the creation of Oracle entitlements within FlexNet Manager. Oracle does not provide SKUs in most cases, so the Flexera content team has generated these SKUs to facilitate managing Oracle Entitlements.

To utilize these SKUs, you simply need to find the appropriate product and license model from the description in the SKU list, then apply the appropriate SKU from the attached list to your Purchase in FlexNet Manager before processing that purchase to create an entitlement.

For example, for Oracle Database Enterprise Change Management Pack you can choose from one of the two license models in the list, then apply the appropriate SKU based on if the purchase was for a Named User Plus Perpetual License or a Processor Perpetual License to your purchase.

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Change Management Pack Named User Plus Perpetual License
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Change Management Pack Processor Perpetual License

 Update: 2023-01-30

Flexera generated Oracle SKU list attached in this document has been updated in accordance with current build of our SKU library. 

What is new?

  • Ten new SKUs have been created and linked to its respective license template, bundle or standalone application. 
  • Updated SKUs and linked them to its relevant bundles and applications. 
  • Cleanup of certain SKUs as there were few part-numbers defined with and without maintenance. These were considered duplicates. 
  • The list of SKUs includes its description, associated application and/or bundle, Bundle's primary and supplementary application details. 

Update: 2021-12-07

Flexera generated Oracle SKU list attached in this document has been updated in accordance with current build of our SKU library. 

What is new?

  • Along with SKU and its Description, the list now includes additional details like
  1. Associated standalone product(s),
  2. Associated Bundle,
  3. Primary product(s) in Bundle and
  4. Supplementary product(s) in Bundle
  • 167 new SKUs have been created and library has been updated.

  • New SKUs created provides coverage for 65 additional Oracle product families.

  • Overall listed are 2014 unique SKUs covering 313 individual product families.

If you need more SKUs to be created for a specific product, please raise a support case with details. 

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Level 6

Thanks for the SKUs,

do you also have an excel for Maintenace renewals available?



Flexera Alumni

@steffen - No, we do not maintain Flexera SKUs for maintenance, as a maintenance renewal is a rather straightforward, compared to creating a Software License with the correct license metric, product bundles and Use Rights.

Create your own purchase with a type of "Software Maintenance", and the correct Effective and Expiry Dates and go through the PROCESS Wizard to link it to the license from the Unprocessed Purchases view.

In the future, if you need to apply another renewal to the same license, create another purchase with a type of "Software Maintenance", and use the exact same item description as the original renewal.  FNMS will recommend that you link this to the correct license, matching on the Purchase Type and Item Description.

Level 6

thanks a lot for clarification!

- thats how we did it anyway - we just wanted to be certain because we are importing USU (Aspera) StamrtTrack data into FNMS and have to translate SmartTrack internal Oracle SKUs into Flexera internal Oracle SKUs.

Level 7

Flexera team, should we open a case if SKUs that you provided are not recognized by FNMS?  There's one in particular for Oracle RAC that has come to our attention.

Level 2

@Natalie and @shuduguru This is SO very helpful! I'm unable to locate the main JD Edwards product SKUs in the list (there are a few that are add-ons from the tech price list that I saw). Are there any enhancements planned for this file? If so, I'd love to see FNMS/FlexeraOne SKUs for the JD Edwards price list be added. 

By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Hi @brandyc , 

I recently started managing SKU, PURL and Bundles and wanted to acknowledge your ask for JD Edwards. I've created a case (COPS-53268) for initiating this activity. You will hear from me soon with more specifics. 


By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hey @RamyaJagadeesh , has there been any update to the list since the changes with Oracle Java?

Level 8

@RamyaJagadeesh The attached file is for December 2022 but the article states there was an update on 2023-01-30. Is there a new spreadsheet?

Level 3

@RamyaJagadeesh The file attached is dated December 2022 but the article states a recent update on 2023-01-30. Is there a new spreadsheet available?

Flexera Alumni

Hello @bmaudlin , 

Glad to read you! Have you watched the Java Under Control May 2023 SAM Best Practice Webinar?

Java, in the end, is Java.exe and javaw.exe or /Bin/Java. These files (and only this files) are used for recognition by the Java Standard Platform (Commercial) application. If java comes from JRE or SDK, it does not matter so much... the Java file need to be tracked. So, our Java SKUs may include multiple products, but I advised to create a single Product license for Java (or two if you are in a pre January 2023 contract (one for server, one for users). Everything is detailed in this webinar.

Then, on the "exemption" side. We have intentionally removed Java Platform Standard from SKUs (WebLogic for instance) because bundles (with supplementary products) don't manage correctly the "Embedded Java instances exemptions". All versions of Java will be exempted as soon as one WebLogic is present on the server. You may opt for this "simplified bundling", but we recommend you use the "Exemption By File Path" feature introduced in 2022R1. Again, all explanations in the Webinar recoding and document.

@RamyaJagadeesh is having a look on the refreshing of the document but I wanted to set expectations on the "Java SKUs".

Best regards;


Level 2

As per other comments here - have there been any further updates to this spreadsheet? 

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