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This Knowledge Base article describes a defect in Installer Evidence type locale string value with old product name 'BDNA' instead all other locales are called 'Data Platform' FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R1 release.


In FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R1 release, the naming conversion, eu-US locale for 'BDNA Normalize integration' features are called in the new term 'Data Platform'. However one place under Installer Evidence Type list , this value was incorrectly called 'BDNA' which is the old naming convention.

Step to confirm whether your 2018 R1 system has been affected:
1. Under "License Compliance" -> "Evidence" -> "All Evidence" page
2. Make sure the grid view including the 'Type' column
3. Expand the list and check whether you have 'BDNA' or 'Data Platform' (as shown below)
User-added image

Note: if you see 'BDNA' which means your system is affected by this defect, please use the method described in 'Resolution' field.


In FNMS 2018 R1 , the default schema of InstallerEvidenceType should be
"InstallerEvidenceType.BDNA en-US Data Platform"

However, this value will be updated to the old naming value 'BDNA' by ARL released before 30th of March 2018. As the content value shipped via ARL still contains the old name which will overwrite the product default name.


User can use the method to confirm followed by the screenshot in 'Symptom' session
Or run below sql script in FNMSCompliance Database

SELECT * FROM ResourceStringCultureType
WHERE ResourceString = 'InstallerEvidenceType.BDNA'

If the query result of 'en-US' is BDNA , then please run below update statement to apply the fix.

UPDATE ResourceStringCultureType
SET ResourceValue = 'Data Platform'
WHERE ResourceString = 'InstallerEvidenceType.BDNA'

***Note*** please make sure the product system to import content library ARL released after 30th of March 2018. Otherwise, the value will be overwritten back to 'BDNA'
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