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You need to edit/view a private report, but the owner of the report is not available to amend the report visibility themselves.

Such a situation can occur if the colleague that created the report is on leave, or taking time off sick, etc.

As the solution involves direct database updates, we STRONGLY recommend that a full backup of the Compliance database is taken before making any changes described below.


Data pertaining to custom views/reports is held within the ComplianceSavedSearch_MT table in the Compliance database. Furthermore, report access in FNMS is binary – either public (visible to all operators) or private (visible only to the creator).

If you have access to the FNMS databases, simply run the following SQL query against the Compliance database:

SELECT * FROM ComplianceSavedSearch

The ordering of the result set should make it simpler to find the report that you are looking for.

Once you have located the report, take note of the associated ComplianceSavedSearchID column, as you will need this.

If the report in question is private, then the RestrictedAccessTypeID will be = 2. This must be updated to 1 for the report to become public. The below sample query will achieve this:

UPDATE ComplianceSavedSearch_MT
SET RestrictedAccessTypeID = 1
WHERE ComplianceSavedSearchID = <ID of report>

After this change has been made, a refresh of the UI should show that the report is now visible to all FNMS operators.

(Note: this approach only applies to On-Premises implementations of FlexNet Manager Suite)

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Level 6

Will this solution work for FNMS 2019 R2 On-Prem?

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@DiannaB - yes, I expect the solution described in this article will continue to work up to current releases of FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises (as of 2020 R2).

Level 6

@ChrisG Thanks!

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