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what is the impact on the DB when an inventory source connection is deleted?

Hi forum,

We are having an issue in our on prem latest version of FNMS where accidental deletion of an inventory source connection is causing to occupy all the DB space with transaction logs and all the disks in the DB server were getting full and the server is getting freezed.

Can this be killed only from the SQL level? as we can't find any task running to identify this at the suite/server level related to FNM setup. 

What possible options do we have in resolving this issue so that we can enable the Batch server services and operate normally.

Is it the reconciliation which is causing this? what options we have to kill that job and make sure it doesn't trigger again.

Please suggest.



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@winvarma - Unfortunately, you may need to be patient.

When you delete an Inventory Connection, it immediately kicks off a process that will delete all of the inventory within FlexNet Manager that was imported from that inventory source.  This includes Users and Inventory Devices, Normalized Software Inventory and all of the raw inventory data from that source.

If this is still running, you will need to work with a SQL Server DBA to kill the process and roll back the database.

HI @winvarma 

I would recommend to stop the BatchProcessing Server and Scheduler in Windows Services. Use a provides FNMS stored procedure to remove the ComplianceConnection (source) and all linked objects from the FNMS database.

1. Identify the ComplianceConnection which is corrupted
SELECT * FROM ComplianceConnection and note the ComplianceConnectionID

2. Remove the ComplianceConnection and all linked object with FNMS SP
EXEC ComplianceConnectionDeleteForComplianceConnectionID <ID>

This will remove all linked objects from the data base. A reconcile after this process is recommended to update your compliance. For more details feel free to take a look into the SP.

3. Re-Add the deleted connection

Best, Dennis

Hi @kclausen & @dennis_reinhardt ,

Thanks for your timely inputs and i will try as suggested and post further observations.

When ever the reconciliation is running there is a Delete transaction running and this is increasing the transaction and the Compliance DB space and not sure why the space is drastically increasing and if there were any temp logs they should be shredded i guess.