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changes through BA like CC, Location and Role are not reflecting immediately

Hello Community,

We are having on-Prem setup where we are using Business Adapter to update CC, Location, Role and other values and once done we are unable to view the changes via update in all inventory view and if we open the inventory device where we have made changes we are able to view them and the same is captured in history as well and its not reflecting until next reconcile.

Please help identify the issue and how this can be resolved.



(2) Replies

Hi @winvarma 

please have a look at this posting about the "FNMSPreCalcUpdate" Process in FNMS.

A solution can be, to add a Windows Task and trigger the FNMSPreCalcUpdate manualle every hour e.g.

BatchProcessorTaskConsole.exe run FNMSPreCalcUpdate

Best, Dennis

There's a typo in your command.  Here's what worked for me.  

BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe run FNMSPreCalcUpdate