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Zoom application is not being recognized


It has been observed that Zoom application is being installed in the environment. However, it is not reflecting as installed application on user's machine in FNMP.

I have checked the installer evidences as well where I can find the evidences for installation but application "Zoom" is not reflecting as installed application. Please help.

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There are a couple of possibilities:

1) What does the Last Inventory Data show for the device?  It is possible that an Inventory Scan has not yet been done since the Zoom client was installed.

2) The user may only be using the Zoom Web Client.  In this case, there is no local application installed on the device and it would not be picked up by an inventory scan.

Is it possible application is has non MSI installer and add/remove (uninstall registry) evidence either is not collected? Please check lady known inventory file (ndi) on the device to see if you can find evidence of zoom application.
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Community Manager

As noted by others, I think Zoom may be installed/used in various ways so there may be various answers here. However at least as far as the installation on my laptop, I see:

  • Zoom Add/Remove Programs details are stored under the HKCU area of the registry:


  • Zoom.exe is installed in my user %APPDATA%\Zoom\bin directory:


Tracking software that is installed per user like this can be difficult, as inventory gathering tools don’t necessarily have access to user-specific details. Most common inventory sources (including SCCM and the FlexNet agent) will likely not gather the details under the HKCU registry area. Depending on configuration and whether users' %APPDATA% directories are stored locally or remotely, they may or may not be able to pick up the Zoom.exe file details.

If your inventory source is able to gather user-specific details, you will likely see evidence with a non-0 match count: look for both installer evidence records for "Zoom" and file evidence records for "Zoom.exe". If you see records with non-0 match counts then that evidence can be linked to an appropriate application record to recognize installations. If you don’t see any evidence with non-0 match counts that suggests your inventory gathering tool is not gathering the user-specific details.

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Thanks Chris,

I have checked both installer and File evidences. In installer evidences, we do not see any matches. However, in File evidences, I can see matches. Could you please let know how to fix this.

You can download the Unrecognized File Evidence to Excel and submit a Support Case.  This will start the process to notify the Content Team to add this evidence to a future update of the Application Recognition Library.

If you need to see the results faster, you can manually link the Unrecognized File evidence to the correct Application Name.  After a Full Reconcile, you Installed Application counts will be updated.