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Virtualization Discovery and Inventory Details Custom Views

Hi, we just implemented these custom views:

We noticed two issues with them:

  • Virtualization Overview incl. vCenters (NR) - identifies vCenters by their IP. Even though the other report recognizes their hostnames. We'd rather have them listed using their hostnames as it's a more friendly naming.
  • All VMware VMs have their status set to either Stopped or Suspended. None of them is set as Running even though there're powered on VMs if you look into the vROPS reports from VMware.

Is there any updated version of those views that would solve these issues?


I'm running FNMS 2018 R2 on prem.

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By Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion


For the first report, you can try improving the stored procedure. Just can just join DiscoveredDevice on the IP. You can take the IP part from the original Select statement. I have successfully tested it. It should work with ComplianceComputer as well. In both cases the IP addresses must be identical, or you'll have to do some additional SQL magic.


For the VM status, the report seems to cut it a bit short. It reports on ImportedVirtualMachine, meaning raw data. The VirtualMachine Writer states different status codes for VMware VMs:


So the report would have to do the same status translation.

After the Writer, status codes are:


That's why you only see "Stopped" and "Suspended".

Best regards,


Thanks for these good inputs!


if you need vCenter name you can use [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[ImportedVMHostManagedBySoftware] view.
In this view you will find ExternalVMHostID - ID for ESX server and ExternalComputerID ID for vCenter. vCenter ID can be used to extract name from [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[ImportedComputer] view.


Hello Mr Potato!

The vCenter name is the left part of the Cluster Name in FNMS Cluster table (for example:|domain-c81). Depending on how the task has been defined to how the vCenter is defined in the API call  (I am not 100% actually).

So, no other name than what was stored in the cluster table in my perspective.

The version online indeed was using the VMStateID that is actually not matched the one provided by vCenter in the read step. The attached version of the document provides  the re-mapped VM status that should now be correct in the screen. I just updated the view to provide the server name from all discovered devices when the IP Address Captured in the vCenter Import matches the IP address of a device in "All Discovered Devices".

I also attach a view that is really useful in troubleshooting vCenter and Oracle DB inventory and that catch the last logs in a flat list (second attachment).

Best regards,





Hi, thanks a lot for updating the views - works good.

Though we noticed that out of 20 vCenters in scope on our test environment 18 had their names matched via IP but 2 didn't.

We verified that those two do have active inventories in FNMS and that their IP match so we don't really see why this didn't work. Can you propose any troubleshooting steps for us to investigate it?