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Unrecognized Evidence - Save Advanced Filter View

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a monthly report to submit Unrecognized Evidence for our primary in-scope publishers. The list currently contains 24 publishers which I've created an advanced filter for.

Is it possible to save this advanced filter view as a custom report (for example in Management View Index) as when I exited the application the filter was removed.

If not, how do you keep the advanced filter applied to avoid having to re-do?



(3) Replies

I just tried this in FNMS Cloud.  I created a filter on Unrecognized Evidence, looking for 5 different publishers using an OR condition.  I waited until the view was refreshed and then closed my browser.  When I logged back in, my filter was still there.


Thanks for your reply. What about if you need to remove that filter to search for something else; is there a way to save the original advanced filter so it can be reapplied  without having to manually add all the conditions again?

@mark_robinson - Unfortunately, the Unrecognized Evidence view does not have the ability to "Save" your current settings and create a new view that you can use at a later time.

I suggest you submit an Enhancement Request for this.