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In ARL 2740, all javaw.exe are removed of ARL and then will be in unrecognized File Evidence ! As explained, the problem is that commercial javaw.exe may be founded alone, without java.exe, while java.exe has recognition in ARL. I asked Flexera to add adequate entries for javaw.exe in ARL.

But there is an easy way to identify device with javaw.exe and without java.exe: 

- create two local file evidences, java.exe and javaw.exe, with % in other fields

- create a local application "javaw without java", assign local evidence javaw.exe with "at least one" rule and assign local evidence java.exe with "not allowed" rule.

- wait for next reconcialiation.


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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @bfaller ,

Thanks for giving the way to identify the "Javaw.exe without java.exe", very useful!

I however am not sure to understand the first sentence of your post. We have removed installer evidence from Java Commercial versions' recognition (and linked to a new Java Unmanaged application) and ADDED javaw.exe.




Java Platform 8 File Evidence.png


Nicolas Rousseau
Licensing Architect