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Architecture/Network diagram for FlexNet Manager suite cloud

I am looking for architecture/Network architecture diagram for FlexNet manager suite cloud edition (Saas) to understand what components will be on-prem and what will be on Cloud. How inventory data will flow from on-prem endpoint to cloud FNMS app server. 


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Hello @hsshah28,

Does this diagram help you at all?














(Taken from the following Online Help page:



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Hi Jjensen,

Thanks for the reply. As I have mentioned in question, along with above diagram, I would like to know what components (app server, beacon server, batch server, etc.) are on cloud or on on-premises.
So, few things are clear that, App Server/Web will be hosted on cloud.
Agent will be deployed on endpoint.
What about beacon server? do we need to host them on on-premises or it will be hosted on cloud?
How data will be securely transferred from agent and beacon?
How beacon server will make sure that file received from correct endpoint and not from malicious machine?
If I need to open new case to get this information, please let me know.

The FlexNet Agent and FlexNet Inventory Beacons are installed in your network.

Agents communicate with a beacon over Port 80, but can be configured to communicate over Port 443.  Agents initiate all communication to the beacon using HTTPS PUT and HTTPS GET

Inventory Beacons communicate to the FlexNet Manager Cloud using HTTPS using TLS 1.2 encryption.  Inventory Beacons initiate all communication to the Cloud using HTTPS PUT and HTTPS GET