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Solved Oracle VM version

Hi,I have one customer that have Oracle VM Manager version and Oracle VM version on the hosts, my question is:Are they compatible with the Flexera manager R2?Thank you 

Miguel by Level 3
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System task causing performance issues?

During daytime between 09:00 and about 13:00 o'clock I'm having performance issues. System is responding very slow.What I've found is during this time a system task is running: Flexnet Manager Suite which contains three subtasks Import into staging, ...

Frank07 by Level 6
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Business Import Stuck

Recently I have been seeing business adapter imports get stuck. There has not been any changes that would cause this. We using 2018 R1 on Prem. I dont see anything in the log files that sticks out as to what is causing this issue. Ive attached an exa...

Flexnet2.png Flexnet.png
rclark0 by Level 6
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Solved 'Applications' for Acrobat Pro XII (DC 2015) License setup

(Apologize if this question has already been covered in different post; did not see anything related directly, we are not using FlexNet Agent) Not seeing any consumption for Acrobat Pro XII (DC 2015), currently has Applications : Acrobat DC (2015) Ac...

nalinih by Level 6
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Cognos Analytics Install error

I am currently trying to install Cognos analytics for 2019 R2. I am using the answer file and running the power shell script but get an error that "Cognos Analytics server requires a SQL Server". I have the file pointing towards the database server a...

rclark0 by Level 6
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Categorizing Publishers and scope of ELPs

Dear Community members,Would you please share your experience how you categorize Publishers and how far you go with establishing ELPs for them. For big enterprise companies its normal to have 300, 400 or more Commercial Publishers that FNMS would dis...

Flexera Installation Data Vs SCCM Data

Hello All,When i am verify the data with the SCCM, Lot of difference in it. Flexera shows there is nothing installed for the given user, where SCCM shows that particular product has been installed. In confused state now. What to trust?