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Separate license model for separate provider

Hi Community,

I am seeking for some advise and how to proceed. 

FNMS 2019 R1 on prem implementation

The customer have 2 service providers for VmWare 

Service provide A and B

The PO that I uploaded in the system are gathered from the 2 service providers. 

The question is how do I handle the license models. Because service provider A, want to see only license that are managed by him, and only vCenteres that are managed by him and the consumption should be only for him. Same for service provider B

I was thinking to create 2 license models and to assign PO according to provider. Also manually allocate vCenter to one license model or to other license model. Some time provide a will commission new vCenter, and as usually not all the time the SAM team are announced, how would the consumption then change, how can I lock down the license model and stop him consuming license?

 The service providers will provide me a list of all vCenters that they have in scope, so I will receive this data. But I don't know what is the best approach in this case.

Thank you all for your support and I wish you all a nice weekend.

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Hi @adrian_ritz1 

Yes, do have two separate licenses.

Utilise restrictions and group assignment.  I make use of one of the enterprise groups for license restrictions - in this case you may use locations for Vendor 1 Location and vendor 2 location

Then, restrict license 1 to vendor 1 location, and restrict license 2 to vendor 2 location. Group assignment is then used to prioritize consumption if needed. - this is covered in the help documentation.

As you are effectively creating set restrictions (apply your knowledge of set theory and Venn diagrams), you do need to monitor unlicensed installations for devices that do not meet either restriction.

Ideally you can use a business adapter to mark each device with the correct enterprise group.