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Scope Restriction of Named User Licenses

Hello -

I am wondering if anyone has experience in restricting named user licenses to specific corporate units.

With regular licenses, the 'scope restriction' tab is easy enough - you set the corporate unit there, and it only allows consumption for that specific unit However - for named user license, we have consumption that rolls in for all corporate units.

My understanding is that the group assignment does not 'block out' users from consuming the license, it just shows an 'internal allocation' so to speak.

Q: Is there any way to programmatically lock a named user license to a specific corporate unit?

OR, is the only way to go to the consumption and manually 'exempt' the users you don't want consuming against it?

Thanks in advance!

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

With a named user license it works the other way around from what I think you're describing here: a named user license excludes all users by default except for those users that are explicitly allocated to the license.

If users in particular corporate units should not consume against a named user license, simply avoid allocating those users to the license in the first place.

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