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SQLServer edition in case of installing SQLServer 32bit on windowsServer 64bit

I am new to FlexNet Manager.
I'd like to know if anyone knows about this.

I am installing SQLServer 32bit on windowsServer 64bit. In this combination, is it possible to get information about the SQLServer editions in FlexNet Manager's Get Inventory? (Product under consideration: FlexNet Manager for Datacenters)
Currently, other inventory tools are not able to provide edition information for this combination

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Yes, if you use the FlexNet Manager Agent, it will obtain the required WMI Evidence that will enable FlexNet Manager to determine both the Version and the Edition of SQL Server that is installed.

Dear Mr.kclausen,
Thanks for the advice.

Am I correct in concluding that Flexera can get SQLServer edition information regardless of the BIT combination?


Correct, the architecture shouldn't make a difference. If you're interested, this KB article has some details, where the edition information is taken from:

Best regards,


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