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Running a discovery & inventory rule on specific beacon

Hi I have 10 beacons, 3 master beacon, 3 staging beacon and 4 child beacon. No rule should be running on child beacon. (no subnet assigned to child beacon) Is it possible to only run the discovery & inventory rule on specific beacon instead of all beacon? I assigned the target subnet to specific beacon but when the rule runs, it seems that its running on every beacon. Due to the time difference in every beacon, the task on system task always showing as pending due to schedule run on other beacon. Thanks.
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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

There is no option to assign tasks to specific beacons (like it used to be until FNMS 9.2.3). I think, the current approach is more like a fire-and-forget solution. Just like you cannot really control to which beacon an agent will report, you will have to leave it to FNMS.

I wonder how timing of these tasks works if the beacon servers OS have different time zones set. Will the scheduling be based on the application server time or will the same task actually run on completely different times?

Under system task, its showing that the rule running on different times. Thats why some of the task on the other beacon showing as schedule pending while others is already completed.

Since this rule is schedule to run on daily basis, some of the beacon haven't run the rule since yesterday but the today schedule is already running.

We would appreciate an option to specify specific Beacons for the Rule to run at.


For example we have one Rule which should run only from one Beacon but it's running from all in our environment - we can't tell other Beacons not to run the Rule by assigning the subnets, because our network is huge and there are overlaps and more same subnets in different parts (sites) of the company.

The rule is failing from other Beacons because other Beacons doesn't have a credentials stored in the Beacon's Password Manager. It's really annoying that we always have to check the details of the Rule execution to see if it went good or not, because it's "FAILED" always even when it's actually ok.

And we have more rules like this which we need to monitor.


We have the same problem in our environment and due do this we had huge amount of false DNS requests coming from our beacons.

My last news is that Flexera is working on a permanent fix hopefully delivered in the next R2019R2 release. Maybe Flexera can reply back to give us some more details what this fix all is fixing.


We are urgently looking for a solution to this issue as we are hosting multiple customers within our environment. It does not really make sense to run each rule on every beacon. Especially discovery runs on beacon servers, which are not in scope of a rule, lead to massive irritations.

Is there any change about this topic?.

We are in the same escenario than the other guys.