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Rule infinite running

I've run a set of rules for discovery and inventory, at midnight, 1 rule per hour for a total of 5 rules.

All of them are still in pending, I'm wondering what I have to do in this situation to unlock them.

Any idea?

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Tonight I delete all the rules and run just one of them again.

Same situation. I'm also attaching the screen of this. Is it a bug?


Hi @marcog

How many subnets did you configure in the target? Running a discovery on multiple subnets can take a long time, as for example if you scan the entire subnet he will try with ping, and port probing, you can end up to 1-2 minutes on 1 ip for discovery, multiply this with your IP range, and you can have days to scan. I think a better approach is to scan subnet individually like subnets with /24 (you have 254 ip's  to scan) after you finish you can go to the next target. 


90 subnets, all of them with /32 so I would say 90 targets is the complete number. What worries me is the "pending" status, it looks like it is waiting for something.

On other beacons the status of rules goes to started immediately.

Can you check the rules logs on beacon?

The logs should be in c:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\compliance\logging\inventoryrule

You should have the rules that are running against your beacon, please sort the folder after date and open the most recent one.

Maybe there you can find some hint's where the tasks is hanging.