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Removing decommissioned/inactive servers from Flexera Inventory- License Consumption

Hi, I need help we see some inactive/decommissioned servers under license consumption incase of oracle licenses based upon device license type. Please guide how we can remove such inactive servers or devices from consumption tab. Thanks

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@dparab27  - You can change the status of an Inventory Device from Active to Ignored.  Please see the attached image.

Once an inventory device has a status of "Ignored", it no longer counts against your FlexNet Manager license and any software on the device is ignored during a License Reconciliation.

This status can be updated through an import.  It is common for a customer to have a feed of data from their CMDB when the status of a CI within the CMDB is changed to a non-active status.  The import would find the corresponding Inventory Device within FlexNet Manager and change the status to "Ignored".


I deleted a license from Flexera but after reconciliation it was returned by Flexera system(AE1cfnmprd1r\svc-flexera).

How to totally remove a license that was a PaaS software?



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It sounds like you may need to remove the license from ImportedSoftwareLicense as well.

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Removing them completely might help managing your database size and performance.

I think in FNMS Cloud you can just delete them form the All Inventory view.

In case of FNMS on-prem, you'll need to remove them from the Inventory Database. A sample SQL code was postet here:

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