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Removing decommissioned/inactive servers from Flexera Inventory- License Consumption

Hi, I need help we see some inactive/decommissioned servers under license consumption incase of oracle licenses based upon device license type. Please guide how we can remove such inactive servers or devices from consumption tab. Thanks

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@dparab27  - You can change the status of an Inventory Device from Active to Ignored.  Please see the attached image.

Once an inventory device has a status of "Ignored", it no longer counts against your FlexNet Manager license and any software on the device is ignored during a License Reconciliation.

This status can be updated through an import.  It is common for a customer to have a feed of data from their CMDB when the status of a CI within the CMDB is changed to a non-active status.  The import would find the corresponding Inventory Device within FlexNet Manager and change the status to "Ignored".


I deleted a license from Flexera but after reconciliation it was returned by Flexera system(AE1cfnmprd1r\svc-flexera).

How to totally remove a license that was a PaaS software?



It sounds like you may need to remove the license from ImportedSoftwareLicense as well.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Removing them completely might help managing your database size and performance.

I think in FNMS Cloud you can just delete them form the All Inventory view.

In case of FNMS on-prem, you'll need to remove them from the Inventory Database. A sample SQL code was postet here:

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