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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 vm's host relationship gets removed after each reconcile

Good day Forum

We are experiencing an issue where Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (64-bit) VM's are losing their hosts relationship.

We have manually added the hosts in the vm properties but they till get removed. Any ideas?

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Sounds like the imported inventory data makes FNMS unlink the VMs. If that's the case, I am afraid only heavy customizing can change that (assuming FNMS on-prem).

Hi @mfranz - This is an on-prem solution

What is the virtualization technology being used (VMware, KVM, ??)   

What is your source of inventory?

Are these machines being created as a "Computer" inventory device or as a "Virtual Machine"?

@kclausen - The technology is VMware

The source is the VCenters and the devices are created as Virtual machines

What is your source of HW/SW inventory for the actual virtual machine?  You will need inventory from these machines from a source such as the FlexNet Agent, BigFix, BMC, etc.

You also then need to create Discovery/Inventory Rules so that the beacon can connect to the vCenter SDK to bring in the inventory from the ESX Hosts and that will also link the virtual machine Inventory Devices to the correct ESX Host.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

I was assuming a Xen or KVM as hypervisor. If you're collecting vCenter data, you should theoretically be fine.

Are you missing VM serial numbers? Matching is usually based on them and I guess may also unlink existing VMs without s/n.