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Over time as inventory collects, you may want to clean up obsolete, outdated, or "stale" inventory.  These inventory entries may be duplicates or devices no longer active in your enterprise. There are multiple ways you can remove obsolete inventory.

  1. Auto-cleanup

The inventory auto-cleanup setting is available if you're using FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 or newer. This setting automatically removes stale inventory after a selected period so you don't have to remove it manually.

For details on this setting see Auto-cleanup of Obsolete FlexNet Inventory.

  1. Remove obsolete inventory from the Out-Of-Date Inventory page

You can review the Out-Of-Date Inventory page (Discovery & Inventory > Out-Of-Date Inventory) which shows inventory that hasn't reported for the selected period. If the inventory present here is no longer relevant to your organization, you can remove it manually by deleting it. 

By changing the number of rows per page and selecting the checkbox column, you can select and delete up to 1000 records at a time. 

out-of-date cleanup.png

If you're having an issue with an active device that's reporting current inventory but also shows old inventory that has been removed, you can remove the device by deleting it from the UI in Discovery & Inventory > All Inventory and Discovery & Inventory > All Discovered Devices. This will clear up the stale inventory after the next reconcile and the device will get recreated once new inventory comes in.

  1. Remove obsolete inventory from the inventory database

You can delete obsolete inventory directly from the inventory database by running the following stored procedure to delete the outdated entry.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you back up your database before making any changes.

EXEC DeleteComputer <computerID>

To find the ComputerId run the following command. This will display a column with the ComputerId value.

SELECT * FROM Computer c JOIN InventoryReport ir ON c.ComputerID = ir.ComputerID WHERE c.ComputerCN like '%nameofdevice%'

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