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Active Directory users from wrong domains are displayed in FNMS

Hello community,

We have:

  • domain X (
  • domain Y (
  • domain Z (

When we go to Enterprise -> All Users in Flexnet Manager Suite (server is located in domain X) we see the users from our Active Directory. When I click on "Show column groupings" and drag the field domain name in the box, FNMS shows me all users, grouped by domain. I expect to see only one domain, which is domain X. But I am also seeing users from domain Y and Z. 

On the beacon server in the beacon GUI we have configured  Active Directory to only include We don't understand why we see Y and Z aswell. 

There is a trust relationship between X and Y. Z has no trust relationships.

Why do we see all users from different domains, and how do we prevent the AD from importing users from other domains into FNMS?


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You may share user details with AD team & get confirmation if they are getting populated in all 3 domain.


By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

@bleepie  Other inventory connections like SCCM and Tanium will also populate users in the All Users view. If you are not specifying another domain in your Beacon AD import then I would suspect your inventory connections are bringing in users from those domains.

How do I find out which sources are populating "All Users"? We don't have SCCM and Tanium configured. When I go to the users there is no info displayed, the only thing I see is when I look into the History tab of a specific user, the following:

Created by:
Creation date:
10-2-2023 02:31:01
Last updated by:
Last updated date:

Can you check some sample user domain information.

Refer below link for user info details from AD

Is it possible for you to run the AD Import again, make a copy of the import file and then crack it open to see if these other domains are in it?  If they are, then that's why you're seeing it in FNMS.