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Primavera Project Mgmt usage

Can Flexera capture Primavera Project Management usage? I can see installs of the application but all the usage details are "No".

What is the recommended process to manage this product, do you have to collect data from the server instance and import via BA? 

Thanks, Rob.

(2) Replies

Hi Rob.

May I suggest taking the lead from the license metric at play in your organization.  The application should be licensed by "Application User" Metric, which is counted at the application server, and would require an extract and  a BA to load.

In my customer environment for the product I do see standard "last used" usage data as collected by Flexera agents and SCCM.


Hi Nico, Thank you for your response. I have created a report and can now see the usage and will work to get an extract from the server and load the data, reconcile it appropriately and tidy up any unwanted / unused installations. Thanks again for your help.