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Last used date missing for Visio 365 & Project 365 using Manual mapper

Hi All,

We have enabled add\remove and manualmapper for tracking Visio for 365 & project for 365 application on 5 test machines.
Out of 5 devices, 3 devices are showing the last used date and 2 devices are missing the same. However i could see usage on raw sofwtare usage page for these 2 devices (able to see with exe name, software name & version are blank). Could someone please advice why the last used date is missing evenafter there is raw software usage for these 2 devices and how to get it in last used date.

Thank you

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer
As the name and version are blank, you need to make sure that a file evidence record with the same values as the actual file on the device is linked to the application reporting as installed on the device.

Take a look at the following article for more details:

Hi @tjohnson1 ,

Thank you for your reply! i hope blank name or version is a problem. We have added same manual mapper values for all machines. But why it is having name and version for some device and why it is blank for some device. Also even though there is raw software usage why it is not showing the last used date (again showing last usage  for some device and not showing for some device) is the issue and need some suggestions.

Thank you


If the name and version are blank then it means that 2 items with the same priority are claiming the EXE and/or path that usage is registered against. In these cases and when using the manual mapper, you need to make sure that the evidence for the actual file being run (available on the File Evidence of the device) is linked to the application that you want the usage applied to.