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A red error bar message pops up in the web UI if the first HTTP request made by the web UI after a SAML session timeout occurs is an AJAX request (that is, not a full page refresh or load).


When this issue occurs, logging like the following appears in the webui.log file on the web application server of a FlexNet Manager Suite system:

[ERROR 2022-10-20 10:28:08,380 1171692ms b.Core.UnhandledErrors                 ] An unexpected error occurred (fbd86865-b905-4b05-8b67-820d0f68863a)
ManageSoft.Compliance.ComplianceException: Access rights not initialized. Do not do access right checks in constructors or setters.
   at ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API.ComplianceRightsInstance.EnsureRightsInitialized()


When this issue occurs, the login session can be reauthenticated by refreshing the page in the browser or navigating to another page.

Fix status

This issue is still open but not currently scheduled to be addressed.

Other information

Affected components: SAML, Web UI

Master issue ID: IOK-993495

Also known as: ITAM-1188

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