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Oracle VirtualBox

I would like to know if Flexera has anything on their roadmap that will show software installed on an Oracle VirtualBox?  If BMC ADDM is able to see the guest host of an Oracle VirtualBox, how would that reflect within Flexera?  BMC ADDM discovery in use vs. have Flexera's agent running.


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If I understand VirtualBox correctly, I think it is a virtual hypervisor similar to VMware ESX or Workstation products where virtual machines containing a guest operating systems and software can be run.

For VirtualBox, VMware ESX/Workstation, Hyper-V, or any other similar technology, you should gather inventory from the virtual machines just like you would gather hardware and software inventory from any other inventory device - i.e. by using ADDM, SCCM, FlexNet agents, or the like.

One set of data you won't get from gathering regular hardware and software inventory is the relationship between the physical hosts and which guest VMs are running on them. If ADDM can gather that information, then I guess in theory the data could be imported into FlexNet.

The out-of-the-box integration between FlexNet 2019 R1 and ADDM uses an ADDM query like the following to get details of host/VM relationships. If the way ADDM stores VirtualBox host/VM relationship information matches what this query is looking for, then you may have some luck with seeing the data imported into FlexNet without requiring a custom process.

	TRAVERSE InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess
		WHERE end_state = 'GoodAccess'
	TRAVERSE DiscoveryAccess:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryResult:VirtualMachineList
		WHERE access_method IS DEFINED
	TRAVERSE List:List:Member:DiscoveredVirtualMachine
	name AS 'Name',
	uuid AS 'UUID',
	#Member:List:List:VirtualMachineList.#DiscoveryResult:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryAccess:DiscoveryAccess.#Associate:Inference:InferredElement:Host.key AS 'HostKey'
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Related question: in terms of discovering the freeware Oracle VirtualBox application vs the commercial Oracle Virtual Box Extension Pack, has anyone had success in discovering the commercial extension pack without use of the FlexNet Agent? IOW, is the difference between Freeware and Commercial discoverable through a Microsoft SCCM integration or BMC Discovery?