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#Urgent# Application mapping

Hi Team,

MS license has been tagged under appropriate Application and consumption data was correct. Unfortunately, somebody had unmapped the application linking and the consumption data is wrong for more than a month. Is there a way to identify, earlier which relevant application was tagged in?

In history tab, i could find "Software title linked to" message. Is that something related to Application mapping?

Kindly provide your insight at the earliest.

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Hi @aishwarya_t ,

Yes what you found from the history will give you the application details from which it is unlinked and to which application its newly mapped.




@winvarma  - Thanks for the note.

As per the attached spreadsheet, License type and Unallocated from software title message fields has been affected. After the recon, the license status has been changed from Compliant to Unknown.

1. I could change the license type but want to double check about the unallocation message. As mentioned below, does the license is been unallocated from the below applications. Do I need to reallocate the license to System center 2016, 2012 R2 and 2012 so that we could see license consumption data.

Please confirm.

a. Unallocated from Software Title : System Center 2016

b. Unallocated from Software Title : System Center 2012 R2

c. Unallocated from Software Title : System Center 2012

2. License updates from content updated this object - could you please explain this statement.

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Hi Team,

Following up on the context.

Since it is creating discrepancy in Flexera data, it would be helpful if somebody could provide insight at the earliest.

Thank you in advance.

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