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Oracle Processor License - Consumed for Ignored CI

Hi Dear Community,

I see an Oracle Processor license that is shown as consumed under all licenses --> consumption tab for a specific CI that is marked as ignored in the all inventory page.

Please let me know if you can help me with the analysis of this issue.

Thank you

Abhilash M

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Hi abhilash_m

Can you also provide a screen print of the license identification tab, and all applied use rights?  Additionally for the consumption tab can you include column headings and show cores, calculated consumption and overridden consumption.



Further, the consumption picture just shows the device as present on the consumption tab, not that it is consuming any quantity from the license.  Additional screen shots requested will help determine the reason for this.

Based on the image you sent, the server named orawfaltprod1 is "Allocated" to this license.  A device that has been allocated to a license will always appear on the Consumption tab, even if it is ignored.  It does not appear to be consuming any Processor Points, which is correct as it is ignored.

You will need to "Unallocated" the server from the license and save the changes.  After the next Reconcile, you should no longer see this server on the Consumption tab of the license.


Is this true for Oracle Processor licenses that do not give you the option to select the license consumption rule  "allocations consume license entitlements"? 

I would only expect the behavior you are describing if the allocation was permanent, as per the best practice guide extract pg 54 of practice guide says: "Make sure to use Allocation type “Allocated" and not "Permanent.” A permanent allocation would consume a license even if the software is no longer installed on the device."

@Nico_Erasmus  - based on the screen shot, the device is "Ignored" and has consumption of 0, which is correct.

However, the reason that the device is still showing on the consumption tab of the license is because it is allocated to the license.