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Office 365 SKU(s)

Is there a list of the SKUs that Flexera uses when creating the licenses for Office 365 via the connector?  I noticed that the licenses are using a SKU that starts with "FLX".  Was wondering if there was a list of these and the products they represent?

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Hi @goody612 ,

The O365 / M365 adapter creates the license and associates the PUR as part of the reconcile process so you don't really need a SKU as this is all configured 'under the hood'. The "FLX" SKUs are just internally developed SKUs to map the ARL / PURL libraries and will not be of any use when trying to map back to a Microsoft CPS.

Hope this helps.

Yeah my next question would be based on the documentation it states that:

The entitlements data for Microsoft 365 is directly imported from Microsoft 365. When an import matches an existing license record for Microsoft 365, its available entitlements are adjusted with each import. 

We had created purchases and licenses before importing O365 which obviously didn't get updated with consumption as it created the new licenses on import.  However it states that if it finds a match it will simply update the consumption. 

What is it matching on?  Only thing I could think of would be that internal SKU.

I doubt the matching would be based on an internal SKU here - I can't quite see how that would happen. While I don't know for sure, my guess is that matching would be done based on license name: if the import finds a license with the same name as what would otherwise get created, then the existing license is probably what will get updated rather than creating a new one.

In the case you've described where you've already created a set of licenses, I suspect nothing will get matched up.

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Ok thanks.  I do have a case opened as well just to verify how it does the matching.  The name it gives the license is a little cryptic and we weren't sure if we could change the name or if that would break the matching.

I agree with Chris, my guess is that matching here refers to the SoftwareLicenseID from ImportedSoftwareLicense. This usually takes care that the same O365 data is matched against the same SoftwareLicense in repeated imports. It will not match completely independently created records.

Hello, since no SKU is imported from Microsoft site, that is the only solution.

Be aware that generated license is not correct, while office pro plus is not included in E3/E5. Office pro plus is only included with E3/E5 from SA. And this information (from sa or not) is also not imported...