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Level 8 Champion

Multiple default failover settings folders


I noticed that at some of my Beacons there are multiple folders like:

Default Failover Settings 

Default Failover Settings 968911CAC029F8760146BE016DBF30A8

Default Failover Settings 96656511CADF8975469FE016ABF40NE8

Also i noticed iis logs shows sometimes 404 error because of agents (13.1.1) requesting a folder that doesnt exist.


Does anyone know why and how these folder are being created? On my application server I have only 1 but one beacon has 2 different folders and another has 3 different folders.

The is only one hierarchy, so I wonder where this is coming from.



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Hi Ronald,

The folders with numbers after them look like temporary files which are created during the download process and then are merged into the "Default Failover Settings" folder and then the one with numbers are removed.


Without seeing logging, my educated guess would be they were created as a temporary download and then due to a failover of some sort they were left behind.  I would have expected them to be automatically cleaned up however this appears not to have happened.


The folders with numbers should be safe to remove however if it keeps happening I think we need this coming through support to investigate further.

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The code following "Default Failover Settings" is an MD5 checksum of the package. This is included in the folder/package names to ensure uniqueness, and changes each time there is a change to failover settings packages (e.g. because details of a beacon changes).

I would avoid deleting the folders. They are there intentionally.

I expect you would find that 404 errors are transient: this may be expected (for example) to occur between when beacon details are updated and when the next policy update occurs on a computer which effectively lets the computer know about the updated MD5 checksum of the required package. If you do see a particular computer failing to download failover settings packages in a situation where no beacon configuration changes are being made and policy has been successfully updated then it may be worth digging further.

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Thanks Chris,

Al-tough what your saying makes sense, I don't think this is the case here. This because I see to many 404 errors and I see the same behavior with schedule files and I dont see the policyrevisionNumber changing in the same frequency.





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Hi Matt,

Thanks, this is actually what I also expected. only issue is that the files are coming back. I also have the same for other folder like schedule where I see the same behavior. I am wondering if this is related perhaps to any 9.2 agents who have been upgraded a while ago but did not switch to 2014 and higher mode. Ill investigate some more and if needed create a case for it.