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Messaging capabilities FNMS 2019 R1



I'm trying to find out if FNMS has a capability of sending a message based on trigger in FNMS. For example we would like to use the review date of a contract as a trigger to send some kind of message to another system in order to start a workflow there. 

Does anybody know if FNMS has this kind of function built in? Thanks for your help.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Richard,

There is an area within FNMS, with some limited functionality. Some details have been discussed here. If you are looking for "serious" workflows, you should look for a real workflow engine and integrate FNMS data in it.

Best regards,


Hi Markward,

Tx for the quick suggestion. I read the thread but it's about functionalitiy of a non-supported Contract Portal anymore which was available before FNMS 2014. That's a version we never had within our environment so i can't use the messaging capabilities of that unfortunately. The post by kclausen seems to be the smart idea but in FNMS 2019 R1 i haven't found any options for this. As i'm quite new to the Flexera community is there some way to see if his suggestion is on a roadmap for FNMS or can we make these suggestions somewhere?



Hi Richard,

There is a blog post collecting feature requests. I have requested "general email alert & reporting functionality" there. Please, feel free to upvote some ideas.

The Contract portal is still available by default, just try http://<FNMSServer>/ECMBusinessPortal/

Best regards,


I have setup some messaging techniques for things like the batch processor and beacon before using the windows services but less so with the webui itself.

if you have enough time you could make a software bot to do this although it won't be the best solution its handy to automate simple tasks in a pinch, I use sikulix usually:
tx for the suggestion Dave, seems a bit to much development for me now, i'm a GUI noob 🙂 but will keep this option open for our techy guy which supports our FNMS environment.

Greetings, Richard

@rruitinga no problem,

the software bot method is very janky but it's "a" method to do stuff that requires the manual human effort

as for using the windows messaging, I realised I never mentioned that in more detail, I have a short guide that shows how to set up email from task scheduler,

it's not concise and I think I could get this more granular than simply tasks failing to execute. Something I learned a few months back was that agent (and some parts of the beacon which use the agent components) logs some of its events in the windows logs under the "managesoft" log so you can most likely get some windows reporting using the attached method


Naturally, my test system is full of errors 🙂

but you can see the logic here, im pretty sure you can tell windows to execute an email task whenever it see's an error status in these logs or something to that effect

A typical approach I've seen used for sending emails from a FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises system when appropriate conditions occur is to do this through PowerShell scripting: have a script which runs on a regular basis to generate and send emails as appropriate for the particular workflow in mind.

I don't have an example to share showing contract notifications, but do have a sample illustrating sending emails to users when unauthorized software is found on their computers. See the attached .zip file. Here is an example of what an email sent by these scripts looks like:


Take a look in the file for more detailed information about what this sample does, and how to work with it.

If somebody does end up adapting this approach to send email notifications about contract events, feel free to post here!

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Tx again....Contract Portal is indeed still available within FNMS 2019 R1. Also gave away some Kudo's on some good ideas 🙂