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The future of the Contract Management Portal???

With all the changes that have been coming, what is the future of the Contract Management Portal?

Is anyone else using this "left-behind" application? Our Asset Management Team still use it for the contract expiry notifications. Until that process is put into FNMS we will likely continue to need to use the application.



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Re: The future of the Contract Management Portal???

@jaalstead, excellent question. Having said that, we don't have concrete roadmap plans regarding this function. I would be interested in seeing more feedback regarding interest in discussing future requirement for our Contract Management Portal. First question is whether you are using it specifically for contract expiry notifications, or if there is other functionality you are using or would like to see in this module? Question to the broader community - if you are interested in this topic, please let me know, either by replying to, or giving kudos to this thread.
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Re: The future of the Contract Management Portal???

We are using it to register and follow up on software obligations related to contracts, for example if there is an annual report that needs to be sent to a Supplier. It gives a good overview on what is coming and also what has been done. We find the functionality in this Portal good and looking forward to get these functionalities into FNMS GUI as it has been said it will be, eventually.  

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Re: The future of the Contract Management Portal???

Just to clarify this thread, it is talking about a specialized contract management web portal interface that looks like the following screenshot:


If you use an interface that looks different from this (without the My TasksCurrent Contracts, etc menu options down the left hand side), then you are using something different from what is being discussed in this thread.

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Re: The future of the Contract Management Portal???

My problems with the current notification function:

  • No integration into the modern UI (why when used, usually creates weird discussions with the customer)
  • Very limited scope and function
  • Potentially resulting in customizing effort
  • And therefore terrible to maintain

It really feels like a workaround.

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