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MS FSLogix together with FNMS, any hints or experiences with that?

A customer uses Microsoft FSLOGIX in a Citrix Environment to hide Apps and to reduce the complexity and amounts of "Golden Images". How can FNMS collect the lincense or usage Data in such an Environment? Does anyone have experiences with that and ist willing to share These Here? Thanks. M.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I believe, there is no out-of-the-box solution. I see generally 2 main ways:

  • With inventory, e.g. by integrating the agent into the image, and then trying to work with the potential mess of all the inventories and applications that may be found by the agent.
  • Without inventory, trying to leverage just the information about the accessed applications, in this case from FSLogix. An option would be to use the existing data (Users & Applications) just for license allocations (via a Business Adapter). You wouldn't have the complete User-Inventory-Evidence-Application-License chain in FNMS, but a User-License shortcut. This wouldn't show actual usage, but who has the option to use an app, which would actually more correct for some publishers.

I don't have a FSLogix implementation to test, but do you know how access control is stored? Is it a database, AD groups, or something else?

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