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Logfile rotation for 3rd party logs


we are currently facing a problem that one of our 3rd party logfiles is growing up to 400MB / Week. It is a Siemens license logfile that checks bundles and single products and creates huge amount of lines per week. Is there a possibility within the flexnet application to let these logfiles rotate in a specified period (e.g.  every 2 weeks).

Or is it possible to create a script via flexnet console which runs a command for that purpose?


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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran


Just to confirm this is FNMEA? If this is you can select the vendor daemon and rotate more often. To do this open the FNMEA UI> Select Servers> Vendor Daemon Summar> Select the siemens vendor daemon 

Then under there, there should be a section called report log, i would recommend increasing the frequency of the rotation in that section. 

Hope this helps


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Thanks for your answer.
The problem is not the report log, its the debug log.

As far as I know only the report log is "rotatable". Is that correct?

See screenshot attached.

Yes, you are correct.  FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications does not make use of the Debug Logs and provides no means for managing them.  You may want to check with the Support Forum for the Siemens product that you are using, as I would expect other customers are seeing the same issue in terms of the size of the file.