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License import with Business Adapter Studio

I want to import new licenses with the Business Adapter Studio.
However, this does not work. Are there mandatory fields?

Best Regards

My import-xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ManageSoft connectiontype="ecm" runintransaction="False" />
<Import Type="Excel" Name="Import1" Template="" Enabled="False" ConnectionString="Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=D:\BAS_Import\bla bla'" Query="select * from [Tabelle1$]">
<Object Type="License" Name="License" Update="True" Create="True" OutputField="License_ID">
<Property Type="name" Name="Name" Update="Do not blank" ValueType="Field Value" Value="Name" UseForMatching="True" Length="256" />

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@markus_kuenzli - Yes, at a minimum you must provide the License Metric value to create a new license.

Thank you.
Do you know which fields these are? For example with the type Enterprise.
- License Type

- ?


This would be corresponding to your example:



We are also trying to import licenses via Business Adapter Studio.  We have the License Object with Name, License Type, Duration, Expiry Date, Publisher ID (above we have Vendor Object for matching) Override Unit Price and Comments.  It is not creating any of the licenses; it is rejecting all of the licenses although it matched on Vendor, License Type and License Duration.

I have the Debug log but can't quite tell the rejection reason.

Are we missing something required/obvious?  I looked in the documentation for FNMS 2020R2 and it only indicates the "name" field is required.



You could try enabling tracking for "Rejected" records on your import to make the import process log details about each source record that is rejected from being imported:

If you're running the business adapter for a beacon, look at the business adapter status through the web UI to see details from this tracing.

If you're running the business adapter with a direct connection to an on-premises compliance database, you may need to look in the database for details; see information about the ECMImportLog_Object table here: Detailed Tracing.

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