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Hi all,

I have an error in upload the inventory back from a target server.

I attached a screenshot of it, it looks som daemon called livrtd is missing but I never heard of it before and looks there is no Flexera documentation on it.

Do any of you have faced this problem?


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The libvirt API allows to access hypervisors running on remote machines through authenticated and encrypted connections. 
The LinuxKVM was added as an additional virtual environment that FlexNet Manager Suite can collect inventory from as a part of the 2019 R2 release. It requires the libvirt API to identify the VM host as well as those guest VMs that the user account that the Flexnet inventory agent runs as, has access to.
Please refer to the help documentation below for additional information:
Also, the section "Common:Collection from Virtual Environments" in the below document should give you additional information regarding why the libvirt API is required: