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Last used Date


If I understood correctly, to display the Last used date in FNMS a record should be present in the table ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidenceUsage.

But as mentioned here ( the OOB HP UD adapter doesn’t bring the usage data.

So, we’ve made customizations to the adapter which brings the last used date and stores it in the staging database. To load these data to FNMS Compliance from staging, we have an HPUD inventory adapter, but I did some investigation and found out that it doesn’t insert the data to ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidenceUsage table.

So, is there any way to insert the data into this table? I’m trying to do something like

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You could look at the usage reader procedures for some other data sources for inspiration on how to customize the HP UD inventory adapter. For example, see the files named "Usage.xml" included in inventory reader procedures for sources such as "SMS", "ManageSoft" and "ILMT".

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