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Is user audit information logged or saved anywhere in FNMS?

Dear Flexera community members,

I was wondering if user information regarding the following:

  • Who logged in, when, where and how
  • When someone was last logged in
  • What someone has done while logging in 

Is logged or saved anywhere.


(2) Replies

Hi @bleepie ,

Unfortunately user activity auditing isn't available out of the box. If you are using FNMS On-prem it may be possible to extract some information via the ComplianceHistory table as is discussed here and here.

You may also want to consider adding a feature request within the ideas portal at for increased visibility.




My assumption is that you mean FNMS users (called 'Accounts' in the FNMS UI)? 

For FNMS users, in case you work in an on-prem environment, you can run the following SQL statement to get the date when a user has been active for the last time:

FROM [ComplianceOperator]         co
LEFT JOIN [ComplianceOperatorAudit] coa ON coa.ComplianceOperatorID = co.[ComplianceOperatorID]

There is a very comprehensive KB article on how usage (user activity) data can be collected using the Flexera agent, too.