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Audit logs for user creation

From a security perspective, we would like to see Audit logs for user creation. i.e. who created a user, when was it created, what all times did a user login, and what all operations a user has performed.  Can we see this somewhere.  Please help.

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First, you won't have much luck with FNMS Cloud. With FNMS on prem, you'll have to come up with custom solution:

  • User (Operator) creation details could be gathered from the ComplianceOperator table. See columns CreationUser and CreationDate.
  • FNMS WebUI Access can be taken from IIS logs. You might have to activate the logging first. Depending on where you want to go with this, you might want to use a parser to automatically go through those logs.
  • Content changes can be gathered from the ComplianceHistory table. Please check the ComplianceHistoryColumn table for details about what FNMS records.

Please keep in mind that most of this data is usually not considered critical for FNMS and core license processes. So if you want a reliable audit trail, you better store the details somewhere else.

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