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Audit Account Activity

Could I audit activity of account such as creating/deleting inventory record, creating/deleting hardware asset, etc.,?

I think there will be a place (log files, Web UI) as this post mentioned 

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There's no consolidated account activity list that would easily provide an audit log. However, you may be able to combine the sources mentioned into something that would be sufficient for this purpose depending on your needs.


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Level 16 Champion

If you're running FNMS on-prem, you should be able to grab that information from the ComplianceHistory table.

USE FNMSCompliance

FROM ComplianceHistory
WHERE ComplianceHistoryTypeID IN (2)
	AND UserName = 'Domain\Login'

You can filter specific actions with the ComplianceHistoryTypeID, e.g. 2 for [Delete]. For created items, you can look up the actual item, eg. via ComplianceComputerID. Obviously, in case of deteleted items, there is nothing left for a lookup, so you'll have to refer to OldValue to understand what has been deleted.

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