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Is there a way to quick reflection of application install and uninstall on machine in FlexNet Manager Suite?

For some testing purposes, we are installing and uninstalling some applications from some machines. Now we wanted these changes to be reflected in the FlexNet Manager suite.

so we are planning to generate inventory and upload it to beacon manually with the below command,

ndtrack.exe -t machine -o "https://[BeaconServer]/ManageSoftRL/"

Now, in order to reflect this change in FlexNet, do I need to run Reconciliation manually with both these checkboxes checked? or just "Reconcile all publishers" is fine?

  1. Reconcile all publishers
  2. Update Inventory for reconciliation



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Would run the inventory update as well.  When we are testing/forcing this process, we typically just kick off the "Inventory Import and Reconciliation" task from the scheduled task (the one that runs at 2:00 AM by default for the big nightly run).  

The inventory coming into the beacon just puts the raw info from the system in the FNMS Inventory database, but not into the FNMS compliance database, which is where you'll need it to see it in the WebUI.

HI @maheshpatil
You will need to enable the option 'Update Inventory for reconciliation' in order for inventory records to be updated as part of the reconcile. If this check box is disabled then the reconcile will not consider new inventory when calculating installed applications or license consumption. 

You can however uncheck the 'Reconcile all publishers' check box and only select the one publisher whose application you are testing. This will save a little time during the reconcile

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