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Rebuilt beacon keeping the inventory connections intact


I would like to know if we can uninstall and install a beacon application , preferably keeping a backup of inventory connection setting and importing again.

is that something possible, if yes what is the recommended approach.



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

You can re-install the Beacon and re-use the settings file. Alternatively, after the installation, you can set the Beacon UID in the registry and update the connection details in  the Beacon UI.

I am not so sure about the Inventory Connection settings. I have seen examples where the ComplianceConnections got new UIDs and then were effectively duplicates, including all the data.

thanks for the feedback @mfranz

I'm wondering if there are any files that we can back up and then restore to obtain the inventory connection settings like M365 connection, ADDM etc



Or maybe something in the registry?

Yes , that can be possible as well.

Hope someone here in the community can help with their ideas to achieve the same.

Note : this will remove the dependency with other department in the organisation, allowing flexera ops teams to rebuilt the beacon & make it operational quickly.