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After you delete an inventory connection, either on the beacon or through the FlexNet Manager Suite web UI, licenses associated with the connector still appear on the All Licenses page of the web UI if inventory connection information was not cleaned up from the database when the connection was deleted.

You can remove this connection information using the following steps:

  1. Ensure the deleted inventory connection created the license you see in the UI. You can check this using the queries in the steps one though three. Run the query below, replacing Name_of_License in the query with the license name you see in the UI.
USE FNMSCompliance -- OR your Compliance Database
SELECT * FROM ImportedSoftwareLicense
WHERE LicenseName LIKE '%Name_of_License%'


  1. Record the ComplianceConnectionID number from this query. 
  2. Replace XX in the query below with the ComplianceConnectionID number from step two. Ensure this is the same Inventory connection as the one you deleted. 
SELECT * FROM ComplianceConnection
WHERE ComplianceConnectionID = XX


  1. Run the following stored procedure to remove the inventory connection from the FlexNet Manager Suite database and the license from the UI. Before running the query replace XX with the ComplianceConnectionID number from step two.
EXEC ComplianceConnectionDeleteForComplianceConnectionID XX
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