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Inventory data import from ILMT


Does anyone have experience importing ILMT data into FNMS? 

I am having issue whereby the PVU points on ILMT is difference with the imported points from ILMT showing on FNMS.

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What version of ILMT are you using?  If you are still using the legacy 7.5 version, this is not supported and IBM has stopped publishing updates to the PVU Point table.

I am using ILMT 9.2 and the bundling has been setup in ILMT itself.


You can find further information about the import of ILMT data to FNMS in the FNMS System Reference Guide/‘Using ILMT (And Importing Results)’.  The link to this document is available in the first page of the FNMS Online Help.  Here is a summary of possible causes.

This could be caused by duplicate or additional inventory – if a device is imported with the ILMT import and is also present from another inventory tool (such as SCCM for example, or the Flexnet agent) FNMS will identify these as the same device if possible and give the ILMT data the priority, however in the following cases this will not happen:

  • If FNMS has no way to match the devices (name could be slightly different, different serial number from the two tools and so on)
  • The device may only be reported from the other inventory source and not coming in from ILMT at all

In these cases FNMS will calculate PVU license consumption for the ‘new’ device and add this to the consumption count.  You can identify such cases by going to the consumption tab of the license in FNMS and adding the field ‘Calculated By’, then look for ‘Internal’.  This indicates that FNMS is calculating the consumption for that device rather than taking the consumption count from ILMT.  In the latest version these devices will also always be calculated at Full-Capacity, so the impact could be significant.

If the cause is that the device is missing from ILMT then the solution is to add the device to ILMT's inventory scope.  If the cause is a duplication of the device due to a lack of data integration from the two inventory sources this may need a separate thread to discuss, but the system reference guide gives some suggestions on how to handle this

Import schedules - When was ILMT data imported?  It could be that ILMT has been refreshed since the last import to FNMS.

Device exemptions – Please consider if you have exempted any devices from consuming the license in FNMS as this will change the consumption count.  


The devices are imported from the ILMT import and is also present from another inventory tool which is FNMS agent. However, we didnt enable the frequent hardware scanning for IBM PVU license calculations.

From the license created, i can see the peak consumption coming from ILMT.  The current from other sources are 0. The ILMT data import scheduled to run on daily basis. No exemption has been set on FNMS


Because we are aiming to bring in the Sub-Capacity license consumption from ILMT the frequent scanning is not relevant in this case.

It is potentially relevant that the devices have the Flexnet Agent and also come in from the ILMT import.  It is not clear to me from your response if you see any devices where the calculation is 'Internal' (which would indicate device duplication and/or the device inventory coming only from Flexnet inventory).  This can be seen in the Consumption tab of the license and you will need to add a field called 'Calculated by'.

If there are no devices where the Calculated By is 'Internal' then the consumption counts should all add up.  Can you confirm where you see the gap?  You can extract the consumption tab of the license in question and compare the consumption count you see for each physical device to that you see in ILMT, in order to-pin point where the issue may be.