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Installing Flexera from Scratch, migrating on new server infrastucture

Our client is deploying new severs FlexNet infrastructure to which needs to migrate to (new Application server, Beacon, DB)

It is necessary to install Flexera from scratch ( exempt migrating DB which would be managed by third party team).

How installing should be performed?

1. There will be a interval with simultaneous Flexera infrastructure devices (duplicate Application/beacons)

2. Will devices already with installed agent (pointing to old beacon) know to address data to new beacon? how will it work?

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Hello @bcovella ,

Before migrating I have a question, is possible to keep the name and ip of the beacon server?

Usually when I install a beacon server, I create an alias in DNS, in this way, I instruct the beacon to distribute the alias, when you installing the agents, I assume that you have agents in place.

I would do the following:

Migrate the database, install the new application server which is pointing to the database

configure the beacon server to point to the new application server, as the beacon is keeping his name, no further intervention is required on the agent side. Also you need to check what other connections do you have from beacon, like vCenter invnetory, SCCM, O365, business importers, etc, all this needs to be recreated, reconfigured. 

HI @adrian_ritz1 ,

I am in the same situation as @bcovella , however I have problem in the DB migration. 

We took a full SQL backup including the transaction log, unfortunately after SQL restore was performed, and FNMS config update was done, I can see system tasks are stopped, and this happened to both old and new batch server. 

looks like after the SQL restored, there are some tasks' detail that are still pointing to old batch server causing it to go haywire. 

Do you have any idea why this can be happened? or do you have a step by step DB migration documentation?

thank you very much. 

Hello @onazlie ,

Did you do migration before or after you configured the application server, because indeed there are some information in the database

The steps should be:

  1. Migrate the database, possibly the name of the SQL server will be changed
  2. Install application server
  3. Run powershell configuration, and put there all the new names of the server
  4. Reconfigure your beacon server to point to the new application server

Hi @adrian_ritz1 , 

Thank you for the prompt reply. I did not do any DB migration. 

As per my understanding, DB migration is only needed if we are going to upgrade the FNMS version. Since we are not upgrading our FNMS version, I did not do the DB migrate. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Hi, @onazlie 

There is no need to run DB migration when you move the DB's on the new servers.

If there are batch processes that are pointing to the old batch server you just fail the batch processes.



Hi @OvidiuManta ,

Thank you for responding. So if I may summarize here, what I should do is:

  1. Install new batch server and DB as per Flexera documentation.
  2. Confirm batch server and DB are up and running in the new environment.
  3. take Full SQL backup from old DB server and restore it to the new DB server.
  4. fail any batch processes that are running in the new DB. 
  5. re-run FNMS config script with " forceUpdateConfig" parameter
  6. re-pointing beacon to the new batch server.


Did I miss any steps here? appreciate any input that you might have. 

You don't need to install the DB,  you just need the last back-up restored on the new server for the FNMP, IM and Warehouse after that do the config for uploader and batch, check the beacon connection to the new environment.

And when you do the actual cut off you just stop the IIS on the old Environment take a back-up of the db and restore-it on the new environment..

This is how i would do it 

Hi @OvidiuManta , 

Thank you very much for the guide, it worked. 🤝

@bcovella , feel free to PM me if you are still looking for solution, I can share few tips and tricks that I found.