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This Knowledge Base article will explain what are the correct steps to stop/fail a running batch process if required in FlexNet Manager Suite.


For version 2015+, we introduced the BatchProcessTask.exe & BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe command line which can be used to run batch process individually (for details how to use this command line, please see KB: (000018340)

To stop/fail a running batch process for v2015+ , please follow the below steps:

  1. BatchProcessTaskConsole list-tasks to find the <task ID>
  2. BatchProcessTaskConsole fail-task -m <task ID>

To stop/fail a running batch process for v2014 R2, 2014 R3, (since we didn't have BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe in those version), please follow the below steps:

1 . Run attached SQL Script SELECT statement to find the 'right' Batch Process, we need know the type of process is running
2. Kill the corresponding task executable file from Windows Task manager, eg: ComplianceReader.exe (for Compliance Inventory Import) ; MgsImportRecognition.exe (for content library download/import)
3. Run 'Deletion statement' to cleanup the 'stale' Batch process from the database, (to make sure system is back to sync)


For version 2014 R2+, the step 3 mentioned above to clean up the database entry of a killed process is required to run.

A running process is killed, but the product WEBUI may showing the status still running without a clean up on the database (table: BatchProcessExecution)

A reported issue was found in 2014 R2 , the root cause is due to the killed batch process is still appearing in the DB, so UI is hanging , for details please see 'Additional Information' session.

Related KB Articles

000018340 -- How to use BatchProcessTask.exe/BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe command line in Flexnet Manager Platform v2015+ On Premise

Additional Information

The specific customer reported case is License Reconcile page is always showing running so the issue is customer is no longer able to run a manual reconcile from the UI, but in reality the import.log and schedule task are both showing the process is not running.

The root cause is due to a hanging process in the 'BatchProcessExecution' table , once the hanging entry is deleted from the database, UI is back to original status.

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