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Info about discovered vm hosts

We have discovered and inventored a lot of VM Hosts, we were wondering why they can be seen in both All Inventory page and VMware inventory page but in nor of the two are visibile (or cannot be added) the Location column and IP address column, notwithstanding they have been correctly discovered and inventored. How we can show those information?


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Please get an RV report or VMware complete environment report from your VMware admin for validation.

1.Location details of the VMhost might depend on the VM location and the below settings from the system settings--> Inventory tab options and how you configured them, attached the snapshot.

2. Detailed information about location and IP address, VM pools and clusters and Host info can be viewed in Virtual devices and Clusters tab under Virtual devices submenu.

Hope this helps.




Thanks, we checked these info in our FNMS and all of this looks to be already set as you adviced.


If you haven't already you may want to create a support case and request assistance with troubleshooting this issue.

And please share your findings with the community afterwards if you think others can benefit from them.


Hi guys, so I contacted Flexera and it looks it is not possibile to show this field out of the box.

We had to create an ad hoc, extra complex, report (running a db procedure on the db) to try to show it. We are checking if it works.

I strongly suggest FNMS guys to add this info inside the all Inventory page (or at least the related corporate unit)

@marcog - what fields are you trying to report on?  When I look at the initial comment you mention Location and IP Address.  Both of those fields are available as optional columns on the All Inventory and Active Inventory views.  What am I missing?

You're right, in All inventory page is present, but for vm hosts is always empty. Having the location of hosts would be of great help.

@marcog  - The Location field of an inventory device (whether a VM Host, Computer or Virtual Machine) is not by default populated with any values.  You would need to create a Business Adapter to assign a specific Location to a VM Host.  This value would then be available on the All Inventory and Active Inventory views.

This would be similar to opening up the VM Host inventory device, going to the Ownership tab, and then manually assigning one of your Locations to this device.

A system setting for FNMS is also available to keep the location of a VM Host in sync with all of the Guest VMs.  So, if you set the Location of the VM Host with a business adapter, the same Location would be assigned to each of the Virtual Machines under that host.

Thanks kclausen. I'd also like Flexera to have the option that discovered host, will inherit the location from the subnet its ip is inserted, as it is happening for the guests discovered using ndtrack.