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IBM WebSphere MQ Server installations wrongly detected after latest ARL update

We have updated to ARL 2720 last weekend and update messed up consumption calculations for IBM WebSphere MQ license. The reason - IBM WebSphere MQ Server 8.0 installations were discovered on hundreds of end user computers and full capacity consumption was calculated for them.

After a brief investigation the problem seems to be caused by file evidence "IBM_WebSphere_MQ-8.0.%.swtag" being mapped to an application "IBM WebSphere MQ Server 8.0" with a recognition rule "At least one".

First of all, this particular file evidence does not indicate server edition - there is another tag for that. Second - after ARL update recognition rules for "IBM WebSphere MQ Server 8.0" contradict each other. Same name is marked for both "Not for recognition" and "At least one".


WebSphere MQ issue.jpg

It's not the first time that such kind of contradiction happens after ARL update, so a general question would be - how this is even possible? Shouldn't there be any quality or integrity checks before making ARL updates?

More important questions are - when we can expect this to be fixed and how can peak consumption be restored to the level that it should be? Installations on end user devices are appearing and dissapearing and while it's possible to make exemptions for those that are still there, some uninstallations already happened meaning that peak consumption is affected by them without a visible possibility to make reductions. A good explanation of what has happened is needed just in case questions araise why consumption is 100 times higher than it should be.

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Community Manager

That's good investigation and observations about the file evidence rules finding the "IBM_WebSphere_MQ-8.0.%.swtag" file.

Specific questions like this about changes in the ARL are unlikely to be able to be answered by other Flexera Community users, and would normally a response from the Flexera Content team. I've raised a case with Flexera Support on your behalf based on this post to get that looked at.

In the future, the Support > Open New Case menu option in Flexera Community can be used to raise a case for questions where you're looking to connect with somebody at Flexera.

(Did my reply solve the question? Click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION" to help others find answers faster. Liked something? Click "KUDO". Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera.)

Thanks for reply and for opening the case. Content related cases might take up a few months until they are resolved, so by posting here I was also aiming to raise awareness of an issue to other users who might not yet have noticed this change. Also, there was some hope that someone will share how to deal with updates that impact sub-capacity calculations.