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IBM - Application Instance

License name: Integration Module for IBM DataPower Gateway Application Instance

Custom metric is been applied to the mentioned license. Is there a way to calculate consumption for Application instance based licenses?


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Technically you could figure out a way, like running a Buiness Import updating your license consumption. But this will be far from out of the box.

The big challange will be, to gather the actual consumption data. That would be number (running?) instances in your case.

Maybe you have some logs containing this data, or cou can monitor running processes? I guess you'll have to script something to extract the data.

And you should really try to assess if the outcome is worth the effort at all.

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Could you please explain in detail. Let me know, if there is any documentation available in Flexera to get inventory for Application instance based licenses.

Do I need to raise a case with Flexera support team and look for their assistance?



Running instances is kind of a "live" approach, while most data in FNMS is more based on a "snapshot" idea. To my knowledge, there is no documentation to solve this. While you can open a support case, I believe, it's not going to solve your problem. Here are the things, I would try:

  1. Identify the specific applications for this approach
  2. Identify the specific environments theey are running in (OS, network, accessibility)
  3. Carefully read the license agreements to understand what exaclty need to be measured and over which time period
  4. Consider ways for automatic data collection, perhaps individual scripts
  5. Create an import logic (you'll need something like a "high watermark", to fit the "live" data into a "snapshot", you may also consider to store historical data, see point 3.)
  6. Create a Business Import to update FNMS accordingly
  7. Test
  8. Document

Not completely sure, but maybe FNMEA ist something for you? Also please check if the publisher itself has something for your problem. In the end, they need to have something to enforce their licensing, right?

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@aishwarya_t  - What is the IBM Part Number of your software purchase?

IBM DataPower Gateway X2 Appliance is based on each appliance.  In other words, you need 1 license for each Gateway X2 Appliance in your environment.


Please find the part number D1AYULL

@aishwarya_t  - I simply did a Google search on "IBM D1AYULL".  Each instance of the Integration Module that is installed on a Gateway Appliance must be licensed.

Thanks for the note.
As Flexera agents cannot be installed on a Appliance. How it will be reported in flexera and get the consumption data for the same?

@aishwarya_t  - FlexNet Manager will not be able to calculate consumption for this unique scenario.

I recommend that you create the license as a "Custom Metric".  You will then need to perform your own investigation to determine how many IBM DataPower Gateway appliances are in your environment, and then manually enter this number onto the Compliance tab of your Custom Metric.  After a license reconciliation, FlexNet will compare the number of Purchases against this Consumption number to determine your Compliance Status.