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How to set Exemptions for Microsoft CALs

We bought Microsoft CAL licenses for Microsoft Server Core, Microsoft Server Processor, and Microsoft Server/Management Core licenses. Yet, users of applications such as Microsoft SQL server consuming those are also consuming our CAL licenses, through consumption count based on the access. 

FlexNet Manager Suite Online Help suggests exempting an installation of a Microsoft server application from consuming CALs. In this way, user/device accessing the application would be exempted from the count of CALs.

Does anyone know how to exempt installation of an application (in our case SQL server) from consuming CALs?

Many thanks!

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Hi @bnikol,

It seems that this question was missed for so long, sorry about that!

Would you consider this question to have been answered/solved as part of your other question about SQL active/passive cluster?

Cheers, Kent

Hi @kent-au,


Thank you for your message.

The solution proposed is not suitable in case of CAL user licenses.

CAL counts users rather than devices that are managed by users, hence exemption of a device using a device role would not give us a wanted result.

I opened a case and consultants are eager to help us. I will inform you about the outcome once we come to a wanted solution.

Best regards,


Hi Bogdan.


Please clarify the user license consumption that you want to see.  

If a user is using SQL on a server, then that user does indeed need a server CAL as well as a SQL CAL if you are using SQL in CAL mode not processor or core mode.


Hi @Nico_Erasmus 

I am not sure what you want to point out, but to make the question straight, let me lay out some info:

  • we bought our CAL licenses (which are USER CAL license type) and SQL and Windows Server licenses;
  • we connected SQL and WS application to our CAL licenses, as well as to SQL/WS;
  • Consumption in the CAL license field is showing all users accessing those SQL and WS applications.

How can we show precise count for CAL, since all those users accessing CALs are already counted in SQL/WS license count? 

Thank you for your help!